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HR Administration

Management of your employees’ employment experience is the key to HR administration. Our HR Ambassadors create effective, streamlined processes to ensure that you adhere to all relevant compliance regulations in a timely fashion. We strive to cultivate growth, engagement, retention and communication of your employees in order to maximize individual and organizational potential.

Benefits Management

Our HR Ambassadors will partner with you to develop benefit plans that are affordable, competitive, and uniquely suited to your organization. Contact us to customize your benefit options now!

We think beyond traditional benefit options

Training And Development

People performance drives business performance—period. Your people should never be an afterthought. Meaningful business transformation happens when employees are invested in a shared vision and have the knowledge, tools and support they need to succeed. Effective organizations adapt to new demands and realize the value of their strategic investments—their people.

With training, comes knowledge,   
   With knowledge, comes improved performance,   
   With improved performance, comes growth,   
   With growth, comes limitless possibilities of greatness...

HR Compliance

Human resource compliance is critical to an organization’s success. It has also become increasingly complex, given the number of laws and regulations companies have to adhere to. We help your company avoid significant penalty exposure by ensuring state and federal employment laws are followed. We correct any existing policy deficiencies and train your staff to remain in compliance. Our HR Ambassadors have the expertise to create effective means of communicating crucial information to employees, while assisting the company to meet their core
business goals and ensuring your human resource compliance foundation is solid.

It's Not optional, it's a requirement

Strategic Recruitment

Outsourcing your recruiting makes good financial and business sense. By bringing in HR experts, it allows you to focus on what you do best. Let the fHRm do the rest!

Recruiting is not a one size fits all! The fHRm is dedicated to understanding your business needs, the talent that will enhance your organization and move it forward to meet your goals. Our HR Ambassadors will meet with you and your team to design a customized recruiting strategy to achieve this. Let us help you find the RIGHT people to do the jobs that FIT your needs.